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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year= Extra Day of Training!

Before I go on, NO, I did not do some crazy themed leap year workout/s today. While hearing about those taking advantage of the extra day and their plans, I had to resist the ridiculous idea and just get the work done that was written on the plan. Today that called for an 80 minute ride with a mainset that included a low cadence in zone 3 for a good portion, while changing positions in the saddle. Actually, come to think of it I did get some crazy workout in. Wall sits after each rep in the main set was included. Yep thats right, coach had me get off the bike, throw my body against the wall and sit for 30 seconds while I slowly slide down the wall dripping in sweat and having the dogs right on top licking all the sweat off my body. Okay so I may have just led you down the wrong path with the whole dog licking me thing, but well they like the salt!

Today's workout concludes my first solid month with coach and working hard. I took a dive into my logs the other night from the past 2 years and I have more going for me now then I have in the past couple seasons. No broken arms, and as of now no snow on the ground. Oh, and I am feeling the best I ever have this early in the season too. With the season starting earlier then any other this year (April 21st) it's good that I was able to sneak in this extra day of training to prepare!

Bring on spring!



Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kicking Butt in 2012

I usually wait to make statements such as this, wait am I making a statement here? Yes I guess in a way I am, but given the signs of the first month, 2012 is going to be one solid year! More good things have come to me in the first month, then any year previously when it comes to triathlon, and I feel that I have all the necessary resources to really excel in this sport, but in lycra and away from it as well. Why you ask do I think this? Well here are some reasons below

1. I have hired a coach
Yes I have finally done it! After being so skeptical for years past, and hearing about athletes coming up short of their goals, becoming disappointed, or not enjoy following a structured routine I have found coach that meets the fit. I have gone ahead and hired local pro Blake Becker for 2012. I have followed Blake whether he knows it or not for the better part of the past three years and I have seen, not just a very accomplished athlete, but one with one of the best work ethics in sport, along with some great knowledge to back it up. WIth Blake being in Madison and knowing everything about IMWI (my goal race for 2012) the decisison was really simple here.

2. I switched teams
Keeping on the trend here Blake started a multi-sport team last year. I decided to hold back on the first year and see how the teams success came and I was quickly regretting not joining last year. The team is comprised of a variety of athletes, young, old, male, female, competitive, non-competitive, new, veterans, etc. But they all share one common trait and what is to work very hard and have the best damn time doing, so when choosing who to race with in 2012 it really was a no brainer.

3. Training Partners
When I first decided to start in the sport of triathlon I knew no one, and the internet was my training resource. None of my close friends at the time followed suit and so I was really solo with the whole triathlon thing. Slowly through the past few years I have made a handful of friends, but most live in different cities and/or train on a much different schedule so the only time we get to share time together was in races. Now in 2012 I have already joined forces with about 5 others and we are starting to train together (these are no slouches either). I am in some good hands training here in LAX with a couple Kona qualifiers, collegiate swimmer, and 2 other sub 11-hour IM'ers to name just a few. If anything I will just getting faster and stronger trying to chase all these guys down! Not too mention I have some great training buddies all over the state now.

4. 1 month in and 2 goals down
Right before the calendar flipped over to 2012 I decided on some goals that were not time-oriented with triathlon and some goals that would really push me and others that would help emerse me in the sport. Well not more then 2 days into 2012 I accomplish one of the goals and completed my first 100x100 set. With the help of about 7 others to swim with we rung in the new year no better way then to really get some hard work down. 100x100's done. However, it doesn't end there. My mother has also decided to really start pushing herself and at the ripe young age of 59 she has set out to train for her first half-marathon! Yep you guessed who she has come to advice with, and hopefully I can help her train and reach her goal of finishing 13.1. Then just the other day at our first triathlon club meeting of the semester one of the athletes came to me looking for some help with training for nationals. This led to me taking in my first athlete and "coaching" someone else for the first time in a somewhat formal manner. I am more then excited with the prospect of not only another athlete coming to me, but hoping to help guide an athlete to reach their potential. In case you were wondering here is the rest of the list of goals for 2012:

Learn flip-turns
Swim a 400 IM
Swim 100x100's
Bike 4,000+ miles
Continue to find great roads to ride on
Get into trail-running
Get my run on
Volunteer more
Blog more-create on killer video blog following my IM training!
Help organize a race
Teach someone and introduce someone into triathlon
Race to my maximum potential at IMWI

5. Direction
While my training progressed greatly last year and I became a better athlete I failed in a lot of different aspects of triathlon. Specifically the racing component as I really had no direction. After a horrendous experience at Racine my season started to fall apart, I became frustrated and tried to push results that I had no reason going for. This ended up with my first ever DNF in a race that I had no business racing. With that said, picking out a race schedule this year that accommodates myself and my life better, hiring a coach, and surrounding myself with great athletes that direction is now back on track and I should perform much better because of it.

6. Ironman WIsconsin
I have learned that I really do in fact enjoy putting it all on the line once in a very great while and racing "for all the marbles". Training for an Ironman brings out the best in me and I love the gamble that the true race day comes only once a year. Too many times last year I thought to myself "Today is not my day, but next month I have another race" Not this year I don't, it's time to make everything count and get myself prepped and ready to go September 9th.

7. I know more of "what not to do"
Another season done, another season of learning. I learn best through mistakes and last year I made A LOT of them, well that has only made me more intelligent. Now with another season under my belt I am racing with more knowledge and understanding of how to figure out this never-ending puzzle that is training for triathlons.

So there you have the reasons to not just why I believe, but why I know 2012 will be a great year. If January is any indication of how 2012 will turn out then it may intact exceed all of my expectations. Time to go kick some more butt!