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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Brief Update: I Wanna Be Like Crowie

Well today didnt really shape up to go as planned and I should be out riding my bike right now but can't (I'll get into this in a bit) and with my other bike 2.5 hours away I am left here sitting on my bum drinking a Guiness eating pizza and writing. So here is a bit of an update on my not so stellar start to my stellar year.

Whats that? I would say that I have gotten about 75% of my training in this year. That is a combination of missed sessions and cutting workouts short. First it was a simple time issue, but now with time on my hands it is an illness issue that leaves me drained 30 minutes into any activity that I do. So with inconsistent training I have to readjust my season, races, and plans. Hopefully this illness I have will leave in the next 24-48 hours so I can resume training, especially now that I have about 6 hours more a day free to train.

The bad news, my race bike has a cracked frame and considered to be unrideable per the mechanic. The not so bad news: I didn't really like the bike anyway. The possible good news: I just may get a new bike! After pushing back the idea of buying a new frame this year until next year it seems I may be rushed into that choice now. After talking to Orbea this morning I can use their crash replacement policy (still finding out the details) or I can go through my renters insurance. So really the choice comes down to if I want to stick with Orbea or go to........

Today's conversation:
Mechanic: I have some bad news I don't think you'll like...
Me: I saw you testing the frame, its cracked right?
Mechanic....yeah, we can talk to Orbea about a crash replacement
Me: Or I can switch to Specialized like Crowie, knock 14 minutes off my IM bike split and win Kona right?
Mechanic: Your a sucker for ads arent you?
Me: No, I just like shiny toys

So depending on how this plays out I may buy a used cheap frame, go with a new frame, or if Orbea pulls some strings I'll stick with a crash replacement.

So I have mentioned this "illness" I have a couple times above. Whatever it may be it started right after Knoxville. Originally thought to be a small cold has turned into a 2 week, energy draining, life sucking illness. Since I have yet to visit the doc and I avoid WedMD (as you should too) I am doing a little self-diagnosing (probably shouldn't). Knowing my family history it could have something to do with my thyroid gland, me wearing a speedo in 50's and rain, or quite possibly my allergies are just that bad this spring. Whatever it is I am waiting until Monday and then I am making a visit to the doc.

Next block of racing starts in 12 days with the Wisconsin World Championships (Lake Mills) and then my first double (Elkhart Lake/Trinona), so helpfully I can rid my body of whatever, and get some solid racing in!

So with all that said its time to get some decent sleep and knock out a solid swim/run day tomorrow!


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