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Sunday, February 17, 2013

My Week in Hours

It seems like I am good at going from 0-60 very quickly, and burn out quite fast. One of the goals for this year in my life is balance. This has eluded me long enough, usually I invest too much attention into one aspect of my life, or instead I spread myself far too thin. Because of this I am starting to track how I spend my hours each day and see where improvements can be made and what can be cut out. Below is a look at the past week of my life and where the hours stood.

School (Hours spent on campus): 25
Work (All restaurant and personal training hours): 45
Training (all S/B/R, strength work and recovery): 13
Transit: 10
Sleep: 43
Study: 8
Prep (showering, getting dressed, packing, unpacking): 7
Eating/cooking (usually tied in with another activity such as reading): 5
Errands: 2
Leisure: 10
168 Hours

So I can already tell i am lacking in my sleep, the time counts from my "bed time", still takes me a bit to fall asleep. I get about 80 minutes a day to myself and my thoughts, and I spend an unbelievable amount of time getting ready for the day, showering (1-3 showers a day), and packing for the next activity in my life. I am annoyed by the amount of time that i spend in my car, so I need those warmer temps so I can commute via bike again to work and school.

Looking at these stats has me to realize that about 70 hours a week will be devoted to school and work, so training will need to be adjusted based around that...until May that is.

I will post averages up in a month or two. Leisure time will increase significantly while in San Diego :).

Pictures to be coming as well


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