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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Thoughts going into Leadman Epic 250

Well here we go! When I first saw this race last year in Vegas, I thought to myself "I must do this race!". Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would find myself here one year later in the middle of race week. The idea first popped into my head earlier this summer, and with my commitment to Ironman Wisconsin 2 weeks prior I knew it just wasn't in the cards this year...and then I started thinking more and more about it. The lure of the "double" intrigued me and the more people that told me that I was stupid/crazy/insane about doing this, the more I wanted to give it a shot.

The real lure of this race is the 223 kilometer/138 mile bike ride, sometimes I even forgot that I have to swim before and run after the ride. But in all seriousness a race with a long swim and bike followed by a short run is right up my alley. After a disappointing Ironman 2 weeks ago this might just be the exact race I need.

I have zero expectations for Saturday, literally not one. I just want to throw myself into uncharted territory and have fun with it. My nutrition plan? To eat a lot, I'm talking solid food and fun foods! Pop Tart Smore's PB&J sandwiches, grandma's cookies. I have even prepared a new race "kit" that I will be pulling out for the run...think old school Dave Scott, Mark Allen 1980's look.  After an up and down summer of training and racing I am just going to take the pressure off myself and enjoy the day as much as I can, although I am sure I have lots of suffering coming my way.

With all that said I am a bit scared about Saturday, who wouldn't be? The only other time this race was put on, 14 of 40 finished, of course that was in a desert with high winds, but this will be in the cold with a mountain to climb twice and apparently a forest fire nearby as of this morning. I have absolutely no clue if I can or will finish this race and that is what partially attracts me to Saturday. Something needs to be said about doing a race that most are doing for the first time and only have a select few competing, I think less then 200 are entered, that is less then 1 athlete per kilometer. I know when I walk down the beach into Cultus Lake Saturday that feeling of fear will enter my mind and I will be sure to embrace it. The fraternity will be close on Saturday and I can't wait to test myself against the elements, the terrain, and of course my mind.

And of course there will be this bet come Saturday, I cannot lose this bet!


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