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Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 Schedule

This winter I had more trouble then ever to pick out a race schedule for 2012. Every year I like to find a couple new races to race, as well as, race one or two races that I raced in the past year. With the focus being on IMWI my choices were limited and I had to strategically pick and choose my races. Add in my already busy summer and many events that I wanted to race again this year (TriStar 111, LIfetime Minnesota, Pigman) I simply could not.

4/28 Crazylegs
Annual tradition here in Wisconsin, great course, huge crowds, lots of run, and of course it covers the most challenging part of the IMWI run course (OBservatory Hill) backwards. Run it every year and is always a chance to see where my running is compared to the year before.

5/6 La Crosse Fitness Festival Half-Marathon
First big race of the year for me and will be the end result of an off-season devoted to running. Hoping to not only PR but set me up good for the season. I would love to break into the mid 1:30's here.

6/3 Lake Mills Sprint
Fun local race that opens the season and always seems to attract some good competition. Short enough to still get in a training day with lots of partners after the race.

6/10 La Crosse "Got Energy" Olympic
"Hometown race" as in where I am living right now. Site of my first olympic last year and put in a solid performance with my first AG podium. Looking to compete thsi year for the overall podium, which, should be contested with everyone in my swim squad, good, friendly, fun, competition.

6/16 High Cliff Half-Ironman
Raced here two years ago in my build to IMWI. Fun race, with a trail run that helps in the recovery. Good chance to see where my fitness stands early in the summer and what I need to work on.

7/22 Door County Half-Ironman (TBA)
This race is becoming THE race in Wisconsin at the half-distance and is overtaking Racine 70.3 Having done Racine the past couple of years it is time for a focus away from their and try a new challenge.

8/13 Rev 3 Dells (Half or Olympic)
Still deciding on distance, if I don't race Door County I will race the half-distance. Word on the sreet is that the course is challenging and should bring in some good competition from the midwest before IMWI.

9/9 Ironman Wisconsin
Big focus of the year, hometown race, huge support, hoping for a breakthrough performance. Two years in the making since my last IM, watch out for my run split!

10/13 Haunted Hustle Half-Marathon
Running side-by-side to help mom finish her first half-marathon. Can't wait for this experience and enjoy watching my mom finish



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