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Friday, September 9, 2011

Lake Geneva Triathlon - Going Back To My Roots

2 Years ago this weekend I was introduced to the sport of triathlon, and the long distance endurothon. It was a humbling day to say the least, but it was enough for me to catch the triathlon bug. 2 days later I was already registered for my first Ironman, and ready to see where I could push and take my body. 2 years later I sit here the eve of returning to my home base eager to see where I have come in 2 years. This race has nothing to do with time, Ag placing, podiums, top splits, leading out of the water or anything of that nature. This race simply put has one point, and one point only. To see how hard I can go and how much I can suffer. To many times this year when it came to that point in the race to push, I simply choose to walk. Mental toughness has been my main obstacle this year, and tomorrow I am hoping to find some resolve in my problems in the head. My training was great in August and I hit new volumes, and times as well. The past 10 days has been a true taper, with school starting, switching jobs, and last minute doctor appointments I have gotten plenty of rest physically, but I am a bit worn from the hectic schedule this past week. That is all I need to say right now, I don't care about time, I just care about leaving it all out on the course tomorrow, and I know exactly where I am going to go when I need to dig deep.

Time to lay it down!


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