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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The big kickoff...and the big explosion

This weekend marked the start of my training specific build to Racine 70.3. I have been eagerly anticpating this weekend as I am trying many new things this year, including a training plan that I am writing completely on my own. I decided to start the training off with a smashfest of a weekend. It was 3 days of "throw-down" training where I upped the volume and intensity a bit to get myself ready for the 3 hard blocks of training ahead.

Saturday's plan was simple, it called for a ride of three hours all done in the big ring. I am really experimenting with my long rides this year to gauge what works best for me so a ride in the big ring specifically was the first test. I was eager to get out with temps hovering over 50 degrees and sunshine soon awaiting me. I started off with a quick warm-up, where yes I recieved a flat tire. A quick fix and I was set to get back in the saddle, however, I noticed a small error. I installed the tube incorrectly and now the sidewalls of the tire where bulging out of the rim by the smallest of margins. In my first mistake of the day I decided to go with it and worry later. The first hour went by fast, I was feeling good, pushing a good pace all while having plenty of energy. As the first hour passed I hit the lap button on my Garmin and started hour 2. I was in the small town of Bangor and decided to check out some new roads north of town. Turned onto a 2 lane highway (mistake 2) that I soon realized was not fit for bikes. Just as I was getting ready to turn around the sound of a shotgun was heard and I realized that not only did my tube blow, but my tire as well. Now I was stranded 30-40 miles from home, with not the most certain idea of where I was. A quick call to quick had me realize she was at work and unavaible for pick-up. Then it it me, I have yet to enter many of the people phone numbers whom I have recently met here in La Crosse. With no one to call for help I was now hitch hiking home. I soon became resourceful and was able to get a ride from a co-worker that was sent off to pick me up. The ride was over for the day halfway through and I was a bit bummed. Still though I got some miles in and felt great about it.

Sunday was an easier session but with higher intensity. Without a new tire I decided to put my bike on the trainer and ride the hour inside. I didn't do the TT that was assigned, but rather I tried to managed a solid effort build over the hour on the bike. As soon as the ride was over I jumped into my runners for a 5k off the bike. The plan as to run at 8:30 pace, slightly slower then what I want at Racine, but my legs felt great and I was able to push the pace a little harder while keeping my heart rate in check.

Monday was the real test, 11 miles of running off the two previous days. I am taking a new approach to long runs this year, by splitting them into 2, with the first being about 75-80% of the distance and adding in some intensity. Eight miles in the morning running went well, with every other mile at HM pace felt effortless mostly. The second run at night and easy 5k felt the opposite and hurt from the first step to the last. I blame this however, on me and Kate's afternoon at the tennis court and the lateral movement and pounding my kness and ankles took. After all last week when I did the same workout with less recovery time inbetween I felt much better and ran virtually the same time. Oh and there was an easy swim earlier in the day that had me focusing on drills that seemed to be a breeze.

Now with my first big weekend of training behind me I feel just a little more confident in myself and happy that I am starting to get more miles in on the bike and running.



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