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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Warm Weather Brings Great Training

We had our first "warm" weather weekend here in Wisconsin this past weekend. I use the term "warm" lightly because a 40 degree weekend in Wisconsin would be similar to an 80 degree weekend down south. It is always a sight to see on the first warm weekend in Wisconsin. People flock outside like vultures trying to dissassociate with their feelings of cabin fever and curtail them into the hopes that spring and summer are right around the corner. You will see people in shorts, t-shirts, and yes sandals the first few days abover freezing, even if there are 2 feet of snow currently melting that provide wet roads and sidewalks everywhere you go, but that does not stop the Wisconsin folk from soaking it up, literally.

This weekend the mercury rose to just over 48 degrees and the sun was out to play all weekend so I had my first chance to get in some real training this weekend. The weather on Saturday was ideal enough for a 2 hour interval trainer ride to be taken indoors so I was once again forced to the punishment that is long rides inside going nowhere. The set called for 6 intervals that each last 10 minutes and really tested me. Luckily I had the Badger/Ohio State basketball game on and the Badgers late rally to knock off #1 was able to motivate me and push me through those last couple of tough sets.

Sunday was a different story, the weather could not have been better. Clear skies, sunny and a high of 48 meant not only that my run was going to be warm, but I didn't have to dress like I was going on a solo hike through a winter storm. Shorts were worn, I didn' run with socks, not hat or glvoes and I was still warm! It was the perfect timing for a nice easy 8 mile run through town, where I got to explore more of this city that I am learning each and every day. Thankfully I didn't have one of those boring 3-4 mile runs, and 8 miles accidently turned into 9 as I got sidetracked by checking out some trails nearby the house. I felt great and refreshed after the run and had a chance to take the dogs out for a walk with Kate as well after so they could too, enjoy the warmth that has finally returned to Wisconsin.

The warm weather spilled into Monday and even though my training called for an hour of intervals on the trainer, I couldn't help but take the bike outside for my first ride of the year. It was also my first ride outside in La Crosse so it was time to explore some new territory. I forgot my camera at home so I was bummed I couldn't take some pictures of the new scenary that will accompany on my rides this summer, but I found some great roads that are fast, but have climbs to keep me honest as well. First ride outside meant I had to test myself and push the pace a bit as well. So I threw in some intervals and climbed a bit as fast and hard as I could. Maybe not the best strategy but it was too fun to pass up. I'll have to take some photos my next time outside to capture the beauty of the countryside here and the bluffs as well.

The forecast doesn't call for many, if any, days below freezing through the month just a couple of showers. This means one thing and one thing only, outdoor riding has returned to good ole Wisconsin for the year! See you out on the roads and trails!



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