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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Sigh of Relief

The final hurdle that I had to jump over in my recent move across the great state of Wsconsin was to secure a full/part-time job to pay for school and of course provide me with the financial means to compete in triathlon. I found this resource of money at Outback Steakhouse in Onalaska, just a couple miles from my house here in La Crosse. Outback marks my sixth job in the service industry and one that I will likely hold until I finish my bachelors degree in the next 2-3 years.

Working at Outback is unique as it seperates itself from every other restuarant that I have ever worked in simply with; it's hours. Outback is does not open during the week Monday thru Friday until 4pm. This is going to provide me with 5 days a week where I can plan my training and get all of my workouts in each day before the sun sets. It gets even better! Outback closes during the week at 10pm and on the weekends at 10:30, Sundays are even better with a closing time of 9pm. Now gone are the days where I am returning home from a nights work past midnight only having to find myself back up, and out the door at 6am to get my training in before work again that morning at 10am. Now, not only can I get my training in before the evening hits each day and have a regular routine, but I can also get the adequate rest that my body needs to recover from each days pounding.

My work schedule last year was one factor that blocked me from having a weekly, regular routine and I would usually have to train each day on the fly as my work schedule presented itself. However, with this new job I can now safely schedule any workout during the week in the morning or afternoon and know that I will be in the clear with enough time provided to clean up after work, eat, and get my butt to work. The topping on the cake with this new job oppurtunity is that I can arrive to work each day, rested, ready to work, and not dreading the typical "doubles" that I have had to work for the past handful of years.

Outback will further help me with my training philosophy of consistency this year and end the many training sessions that I missed last year due to time management. Here's to another source that will provide me with the best opportunity to reach my full potential in 2011. Oh and now that I have an income again I can start registering my hame for races this year.



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