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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Quick Check In

Well, training hours have picked up a bit, and life has as well. I have been meaning to get on here for awhile, but have just not found the time yet. A lot has changed in the past month so I will just give a quick little update.

First and foremost I finally visited the doctor to get my hear checked out. I have been having problems with a rapid acceleration in my HR which has been followed by a shortness of breath as well. This always happened very randomly and without any warning signals. After three trips to the doctor for testing and questioning it was believed that I may have Atrial Fibrilation, but in fact, my heart could not be any more healthy. A good sign and some peace of mind. I will talk about this more in the upcoming days when I have some time.

As mentioned before I decided to not race the half-marathon in Oshkosh, simply because finanicially it was not smart. So the plan was to run 13.1 here in La Crosse on my own, with Kate in tow on her bike. This is supposed to go down on Saturday, but since I had to take some time off from running with the situation mentioned above I have not been able to get in the run training in that I wanted. I am thinking about scraping the whole idea of an early season HM, but am leaving the option open as well.

Swimming could not be going any better. Just the other day I passed my swim distance total from last year, this year I did it in early April. Because of this I am very excited about where I am in the water, and I am hoping for some big results to follow. Leading the race into T1 should be happening this year!

I have also had the chance now to take my bike outside every chance I get. The terrian here is much different from Milwaukee and similiar to Madison, but more challenging. There are some actual climbs of over 500 feet on good gradients, as well as, some flat roads that are great for TT'ing. I already feel stronger and smarter on the bike compared to this time last year so I am hoping that I have putting myself in the right direction. Once I start my specific training for Racine I will start to do indoor rides this year once a week or 10 days, just to get in some good interval/threshold work without any compromise to the variables induced outside.

My first training block starts on the 23rd of April so I am going to finish this week with some high volume and then rest up a bit next week before I start to put the hurt on my body. It's good to be back in the swing of training again!



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