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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday Gluttony

Christmas is over which means the holidays are finally winding down...thank god. As much as I love spending time with family, sleeping in, watching football, the list really is endless, I have no sense of routine or normalcy in my life. I tend to eat anything and everything in sight as well, which, is mostly comprised of different forms of sugars.

I arrived at my parents house late enough on Xmas eve that I missed all family festivities and was tired enough where I wasn't even hungry. Success! I just dodged a full day of gluttony. Christmas day is low-key at the Cagle household, a movie is usually in the cards, but since the Packers were playing prime-time versus the Bears everyone was getting ready for the game. My diet up to the game comprised of a coke, Guinness, 16 chocolate covered peanut butter balls, taco dip. The first nutritional value I had all day was at halftime when I had 3 ham sandwiches washed down with yet another Guinness. I went to bed feeling stuffed, lazy, and this crazy high heartbeat that was signaling the work I had put my body through to get rid of this crazy diet fast. I do not understand how people can eat like this and feel this way every night going to bed.

It almost got to this point walking Webeen and Layla post-xmas

Taking 2 days off from any type of physical activity did not help either. I skipped my planned 6 mile run on xmas to spend more time with family and relax, but maybe I took the term "relax" to a much different level then I expected. The day after xmas was spent traveling north to Wausau for xmas #2, which meant, holiday gluttony day #2. Only problem is that Kate's mother is a very accomplished chef and so the sweets were tastier, the food as even more abundant, and the respect for my body was non-existent.

Now that the holidays are wrapping up, it's time to get back on the pain train!

Happy New Year!




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