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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year= Extra Day of Training!

Before I go on, NO, I did not do some crazy themed leap year workout/s today. While hearing about those taking advantage of the extra day and their plans, I had to resist the ridiculous idea and just get the work done that was written on the plan. Today that called for an 80 minute ride with a mainset that included a low cadence in zone 3 for a good portion, while changing positions in the saddle. Actually, come to think of it I did get some crazy workout in. Wall sits after each rep in the main set was included. Yep thats right, coach had me get off the bike, throw my body against the wall and sit for 30 seconds while I slowly slide down the wall dripping in sweat and having the dogs right on top licking all the sweat off my body. Okay so I may have just led you down the wrong path with the whole dog licking me thing, but well they like the salt!

Today's workout concludes my first solid month with coach and working hard. I took a dive into my logs the other night from the past 2 years and I have more going for me now then I have in the past couple seasons. No broken arms, and as of now no snow on the ground. Oh, and I am feeling the best I ever have this early in the season too. With the season starting earlier then any other this year (April 21st) it's good that I was able to sneak in this extra day of training to prepare!

Bring on spring!




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