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Sunday, March 11, 2012

This Week in a Nutshell

Well another week of training is in the books, and while the winter months of training seem to be very boring, this week I was able to escape the boring repetitiveness of winter training, with some unexpected slip-ups. The week of higher volume so far this year just had to match with a heavy work and school load too.

I took multi-tasking to another level this week and decided that I wound't wait for the the pizza man to come when I was off the bike, so called for delivery halfway through my training ride. It was the pizza guys warning when I called and was breathing hard to expect something out of the norm upon arrival. With a well timed call ahead for delivery, the driver showed up in the middle of my final set. I yelled for him to come in, and as he did, he got the sight of a sweaty male in bib shorts, heart rate monitor across the chest and about 4 bottles of water on a stool beside me. Of course all the while watching other males in spandex run around on TV in lava fields. I probably took the cake on oddest encounter for the night.

Why do you ask was I ordering a pizza from dominos? Fridge was empty this week and me and Kate had no time to get to the store. So I had to resort to dominos and many other leftovers in our fridge wrapped burrito style!

Thursdays run required me to run up to threshold pace on the tready at a 3% incline for 3 minutes, 4 times. This is a staple workout each week with some variety thrown in weekly. This week somehow I found a new way to embarrass myself and tripped in the middle of one of my sets. Only to make it more embarrassing as I saved my face from eating rubber a 9.4 mph was the fact that the women next to me, told me after that maybe I shouldn't put the incline so high (hers was at 0%), and use the safety rails as I run (she held herself up with the safety rails for the duration of her run).

Oh don't worry though, I tripped again tonight on my long run, which I decided to run at dusk, sometimes the best time for a run, except when it gets dark halfway through. With this challenge in diminished light I tripped yet again over some uneven sidewalk and bit it right in front of a grandma walking her pug. This was not my best run and I had warning signs early on. Needed a gel or coke about 5 minutes in, the next 85 were spent in survival mode, still got in some good mileage!

Swimming went well, even got the chance to swim in a saltwater pool! They just need to add some marine life into the bottom to get the full effect of an ocean swim.

The prevailing thought from this week was that I got all the workouts done and was able to put in some good mileage. Mother nature has also decided to grace us with spring on schedule this year, she must have realized how much of a b*tch she has been to Wisconsin the past few years during this time.



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