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Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Race "Bucket List"

I have been struggling with posting about something of interest while we finish off this very modest winter in WIsconsin. So I thought I would shy away from my posts about my trainingWith the surplus of races being born each year recently, the desire to add travel to triathlon has increased dramatically and I have even started to assemble my must do races in triathlon. Without further ado here is a list composed a races. Hopefully I can shy away from the lure of Ironman racing to check off some of these races soon, although given the distance and timing of some of these races, they would make for great prep going into Ironman.

This list is limited to triathlon only and in no particular order:
1. Leadman Epic 250
2. American Triple T
3. Wildflower
4. Escape from Alcatraz
5. Roth
6. Ironman St George
7. Ironman Melbourne
8. Norseman

Leadman Epic 250
The race report from the inaugural race's winner Jordan Rapp was enough to get me interested in this race. Then I watched a video and saw pictures of the course, and that was all that I Fitness Minneapolisneeded to know that I had to be racing through the "valley of fire". The distance is unique in itself 5k swim, 223k bike, and a 22k run, a distance that replicates the survivor type race that I have learned to love so much. Put the race in a desert and add in a crazy amount of elevation and you have one serious challenge. I may just give this race a go in 2013!

American Triple T
4 races in 3 days? If you enjoy racing, pushing yourself, and self-inflicted pain, then this race is right up your alley because it has it all (1 sprint, 2 olympics, 1 HIM). This goes along with the theme of survivor races that Leadman presents. It is an early season race, so top form is not to common with those racing, most are training for a summer Ironman and use this weekend to get in a big block of big training. I have been told that the camaraderie at TTT is unparalleled and thet you will make friends for a lifetime over a weekend of racing, sounds just like my backpacking adventures in Europe. The relative ease of traveling to this race makes it a sure possibility of crossing this off the list very soon!

Ah yes, the "Woodstock" of triathlon as it is called. I do not know much about the courses that are offered, nor do I care really. The whole reason this race is on my list is for the atmosphere and history behind it. Camping out all weekend, partying, sharing stories, all while racing and getting in some good man-tan weather too.

Escape from Alcatraz
I have been to San Francisco and figure that if I were ever to race a triathlon thru a big city it would have to be San Francisco. The swim is one of the more famous swims in triathlon, and a challenge as well with currents strong enough to push you under the golden gate bridge, a bike course that seems to be like the IMWI course packed into 24 miles, and a run that climbs a "sand ladder". Yes please! I just know not to expect a PR performance here

Germans love their triathlons and the crowd support on this course seems to be unrivaled. Add in the rich history of a race that is only 10 years old and a course that is surely willing to set you up for a IM distance PR, I can't help to wonder why this wouldn't be on my list. The german bier gardens as well provide for great post race recovery make this race hard to pass up. I figure I'll race Roth someday, once I can pull out from my retirement fund as their is a huge bike race that isn't too far away that would make for a great month visit to Europe.

Ironman St. George
Bring back the old run course and count me in, but not until I learn how to run an IM marathon. This race in a lot of ways attracts me the same way that Leadman does as well. I really cannot picture many other races that offer the spectacular scenery that St. George and the surrounding areas offer. Throw in a great location for post race activities and this race is on the list.

Ironman Melbourne
We are still 4 weeks away from the inaugural race and I already want a piece of it. The course that is laid out is very untraditional of triathlon, no loops and it is all point-to-point. What may be a logistical issue, is a dream to race through 140.6 miles of Aussie land. Never been to Melbourne before, or even Australia for that matter and I couldn't think of a better way to explore the area for a first time. Maybe once my friends 10 year ban from Australia is up and he is living in Melbourne again I will make a trek "down under".

Okay so really I have no idea why this race is on here. Swimming in freezing temps, biking in horrid cold winds, and running a marathon with the last handful of miles up a steep mountain really epitomizers everything that I hate about each individual discipline and maybe that is why I have "interest" in this race. Anyone who even gives an attempt at this race has respect in my book.

If you were wondering why Kona isn't on the list, well it is, it just deserves it's own post about why I want to race on the big island.

Hopefully a can start to check off some of the boxes on this list next year!



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