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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Race Schedule

Every year I decide on a race schedule and inevitably at some point in time it goes awry and my schedule changes. Last year I raced one race that I had originally planned for, IMWI, the rest was built into my schedule as the season progressed. I have made a tentative schedule that could very well change, but a schedule that I like, has me racing ALOT, and switching to more shorter distances. Time for a nice change of pace after a few years in the Ironman-obsessed world that is triathlon racing in the States. Plus I can now race 3-4x times and still pay less than an Ironman, win!

I thought I would take a different route in listing my race schedule this year. So here is my race schedule for 2013 complete with postcard views for you to guess where I am racing. This schedule will have me race in 7 states, do all distances, and one Ironman-esque distance, race twice in 2 weekends(possibly), AND all but 2 races will be races I have never done! So here is my race schedule in chronological order. I will give a moto-pacing session to whoever guesses all the races correctly *note you must supply the moped!

***Extra credit and you can design my race speedo in 2013 if you guess all races and distances correctly!

My first race of the year will have me chasing points in one of three races with a new series that I will be doing. 

They brew great beer in this town, great for post race recovery!
Always a competitive midwestern race here

This will race will complete the first "double" weekend of racing. Not too far from my doorstep and considered one of the best races in the country

Heard nothing but great things about this city, heard the live music scene is quite enjoyable as well

I hear it is beautiful here in the fall, and really HOT in the summer, right when I will be racing!

How could I not race in a city I called home for 7 years, especially when they put a national championship in it!

I will probably head straight here after crossing the finish line. This "double" won't be easy!

Live music is always good and so are twinkies and they are not too far from this location. 

Pending qualification at a race I still have to choose, I will be here over Labor Day weekend

Yeah this race is pretty epic! Not a participatory event this year, I need that buckle!

I guess they like their hot air balloons in this city. Heard the course is not easy!


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