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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm Gonna Lead This Race From Start to Finish!

I always like to keep an open mind and try new things, especially in multisports. This year in 2011 after moving across the state, returning to school, and finding a new way to fund myself, I have come to the realization that a heavy race schedule might not be the best option.

This year is/was supposed to kick off on April 16th in Oshkosh at a half-marathon simply to gauge my run fitness and see where I stand. I looked at the financial aspect of driving across the state, staying in a hotel, and running a half-marathon and the price tag simply was not worth the price of admission, especially since this race is more or less to test my fitness. There is a half-marathon a couple weeks later here in La Crosse that I have thought about entering, but "Crazylegs" (a popular 8K in Madison) is the day before and that is a "MUST RUN" every year, so I will be doing that instead. With no option in sight for a half-marathon in the near area and time frame I have selected to try something new. Run 13.1 miles on my own, timed on my own, supported on my own, and routed on my own. Why not? I have done runs of up to 16 miles on my own before so why not just run a half-marathon on my own. After all, the only real difference is some gels and water every mile provided to me, and a sometimes crowded race course with a medal and shirt usually waiting at the fnish line. Spectators? yeah I won't be passing as many, but Kate will be in tow on her bicycle with me for the ride. It will seem like I am the race leader with a bicyclist leading me, but I guess that I will be the race leader from start to finish!

I thought about this long and hard for a bit and the answer seemed easy. Take off for 13.1 miles on my own, learn to pace on my own, and have Kate follow behind via bicycle. This way I am running for free, I can pick my own route, and learn more about pacing longer distance without the aid of runners all around me. To me this seems like a great idea and maybe the new way that I wil jumpstart my own season every year.

So now the only thing left to do is pick my route and run. I will still run on the 16th of April at 7:30am, but now it will be here in La Crosse on my own. I will use my gps watch to "certify" the course and hope my running in the off-season will let me cruise through another PR. I am already looking forward to this new race format!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Well Hello March!

We have finally made it to the month of March here in Wisconsin. I have a love hate relationshi with this month, but overall it means winter is on it's outset and we have nothing but a good sunny and warm 6 months ahead of us. Our winter layer seems to be melting away ever so delicately and barring the 7 inches that are "predicted" by Wednesday I believe that we are in the clear for snow now hopefully until December. This means that running temps are perfect from now until the truly hot and humid days break and biking outside is far more manageable, open water swimming? Yep probably not until Lake Mills.

Training is going very well in 2011 so far, and this year may have been a better choice to shoot for my IM debut then last year, but oh well. If you have been following my training closely you will recall that consistency is one of the main goals I have formatted for my 2011 year. I feel that on a daily basis I am meeting that goal, despite a rough last week to end February, but still I am getting out the door each and every day in 2011. A comparison shows that in 2010 I had already taken off 21 days by now (almost a whole month), compare that too only 10 this year. My body feels fresh and not worn down the slightest. Consistency in my workouts still needs a bit of work. Swimming is going very well and I seem to hit each workout each day, but biking and running have been a bit of a struggle. I seem to shorten some runs and rides each week, or just not push myself as hard as maybe I should. Now that I am "training" for the Oshkosh HM in mid April, I am hoping to see a more consistant basis of run training each day and slowly build up my volume. I have a feeling once I take my bike outside as well, my workouts will show great improvement daily as well.

So here I am sitting on the 8th of March ready to get back into the mentality of trainng and pushing my body each day. The "off-season" is over and it is time to start and put in the effort needed to reach my goals for 2011. I am happy and content with where I am at right now, but I know that my success this year lies in my determination and effort that I put into myself as well. See you out on the roads!