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Friday, August 3, 2012

A little update...are we there yet?

Well as many of you close to me have known, this summer has not been what I expected at all. Never ever did I imagine at the beginning of May that I would find myself here in Madison for the summer. Nor did I think I would be bouncing around city to city, couch to couch, bed to bed, well you get the point. In the past 10 days I have found myself swimming in 5 different pools in 4 different cities, slept in the same bed only 3 times, planning where I will ride/run is become a strategic plan, my transition bag is still packed since early July as I leave for another weekend away with 2 weddings on Saturday. In a sport that demands consistency for success I have just not had the ability to have any of that this sumer. I feel that I am toeing the line of burnout but staying on the correct side of things. Holy crap I don't understand how athletes can do this year round on the road.

Training has been going well for what it is. The past few 5+ hour rides, and 2+ hour runs have put me in a very confident spot going into IMWI. I am not getting in every workout in, but the key workouts are getting done with signs that I can have a great race some 9-9. Goals will need to be adjusted a bit, but I feel much more fit and ready to tackle the 140.6 miles in a month. In the very least I should be able to PR by a long shot, and that really is all that I am hoping for.

September has now become even more of a challenge. Move back to La Crosse on the 1st, start fall semester on the 4th, Ironman on the 9th, CPT exam on the 18th, and Leadman Epic 250 on the 22nd. October is going to be a very lazy month, in terms of being physically active at least.