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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

September - Where did you go?

Coming off of August I was feeling great, despite two awful races prior. My fitness felt the best it ever was, my bike was getting really strong, and I just overall felt great. Of course this can mostly be atrributed to not only one, if not, my most, consistant month of training ever. It was also my highest volume month as well. I did a TriStar 111 make-up race back here in La Crosse about 10 days after the original and rocked it. My biking even showed up in Lake Geneva for my final race of the season and I rode maybe the best I have all year, and then of course it all unfolded (see race report). I was psyched, happy, and eager to put in abother great month of training before the weather turned on us.

September became more of a reality check to me really quick. Within the first two weeks I started a new job, while keeping my other job, started school, had two big all weekend commitments, and was re-introduced into the idea of time management. I haven't been this busy in forever and I felt like I got slammed by a Mack truck. While August my only commitments outside of triathlon was work (25-30 hours a week) my commitment time more then doubled almost seemingly overnight. My days soon became 6am-10pm marathons to get everywhere I had to be, do everything, sometimes have class and work both jobs, and then make sure I was prepared for the following day before I went to bed. Because of this schedule, training was all but non-existent for awhile, and I was actually okay with this. After my decision to stop racing in 2011 after Lake Geneva, I feel that taking some time away from training to focus on other areas of my life were ideal, and this was the perfect distraction.

While it feels great to be back in school again, and working my butt off everyday I did start to miss the training. It helped, however, that the weather quickly turned on us and was simply unpleasant for about 2 weeks time, so it wasn't all that bad. Things finally settled down at the end of the month and I have found a daily routine that works out well for me to get everything I need to done in time before bed. I have found balance with my school work and managing my 15 credit workload, on top of how to arrange working six days a week with both jobs, and having enough time for Kate as well. I have even found time to put training into my schedule again and am starting my off-season run program this week (Thanks BarryP).

Now I am back into the groove, have a good schedule and can't wait to plug away at the rest of fall, cruise through winter and get ready for 2012!

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